What is Black Film Archive?

Black Film Archive celebrates the rich, abundant history of Black cinema. We are an evolving archive dedicated to making historically and culturally significant films made from 1915 to 1979 about Black people accessible through a streaming guide with cultural context. This is its supplemental blog in the form of a newsletter.

Who are you?

Black Film Archive is a resource Maya has been hoping to discover for as long as she can remember. In June 2020, she decided to start building it herself. Every word on Black Film Archive is thoroughly researched and lovingly written by her.

Maya is passionate about expanding her personal knowledge and sharing what she learns with others, archiving, writing, watching films, dreaming, and doing.

Originally hailing from New Orleans, Maya is currently the audience strategist at the Criterion Collection and based in Brooklyn. She is an alumna of Howard University, where she studied and won awards for journalism. 

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